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Are you changing the world? Prove it.

Posted by Ben Waxman on Apr 2, 2019 3:36:00 PM
Ben Waxman

High-level philanthropy demands data-driven, measurable results that prove your organization is truly making a difference. Although it is easy to understand why this information is important to a donor, tracking it can be a challenge. Outcomes, predictive modeling and data in the non-profit/social services field are exceedingly hard to gather and analyze.

A traditional annual appeal may list statistics of how many participants are served, programs and services offered, and a human interest story or profile to highlight and personalize the potential impact of their gift. For many donors, this is adequate and effective.

But high level donors are asking for more.

While Massachusetts has some of the greatest concentration of wealth in the country, we are one of the least charitable states in America, ranking a lowly 41/50 in percentage of donated income. With that in mind, non-profit professionals need to be ready to provide the data necessary to encourage higher level gifts from major donors.

Let’s use a simple example of an after school tutoring program to demonstrate how you can integrate your story with useful data for maximum impact.

  • Programs- Each of your organization offerings along with their immediate goals (after school tutoring program with goal to help students complete homework)
  • Input- What it takes to run the program (staffing, volunteers, costs, supplies)
  • Output- The measurable result of each program, or ‘the numbers’, provided through participant tracking(95% of participating students remained active in the program throughout the school year)
  • Outcome- These numbers require a greater investment of time and effort as they extend the results beyond participation in the program to track their long term effectiveness (90% of those students who participated in after school tutoring improved their grades)
  • Impact- This is the so-called ‘big picture’; changes that go beyond the individual and extend to the community, society or environment as a result of your organization, often communicated as a goal or mission (to encourage youth to pursue continuing education and become productive and responsible citizens)

Integrating data-driven results with traditional testimonials and organizational goals can help non-profits achieve the next level of funding from business-minded donors who invest with their head, as well as with their heart.

Need help balancing your organization’s great story while providing the data to support it?

 We’re here. We can help.

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