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Does Your Website Capture Leads? 5 Key Elements

Posted by Ben Waxman on Nov 20, 2018 10:14:00 AM
Ben Waxman

Regardless of how or why a visitor is drawn to your website, the odds are that most will give you just 5 seconds or less to give them one good reason to stay.

It’s a harsh reality that after months - possibly years - of brainstorming, research, image selections, content analyses and promotion, your best efforts will be judged in about the time it takes to take a deep breath. And who has time for a deep breath anymore?    
In a space where we have a seemingly endless supply of options (a quick search of marketing companies in the North Shore alone returned 3,870,000 choices – yikes!) what can you do to keep those eyeballs on your site long enough for them to believe you have something worthwhile to offer?

As a starting point, consider these 5 key elements:

1. Headline - You threw out your fishing line and drew in a lead. You now have just a few seconds to catch their attention long enough for them to go on a little scroll with you.

2. Descriptive Copy- Make it clear, catchy and concise. Give the visitor an engaging reason to give you a try. Convince them you could possibly have a future together.

3. Images- Still images or video should quickly visualize the offering/opportunity you can provide to your prospective consumers. Remember you have a lot of competition out there. How can you use those few precious second to visually stand out from the rest?

4. Offer with Capture Form- If you like me, how can I get in touch with you? Give them a reason to share their information with you. Offer them information directly relevant to why they found you in the first place. Keep the capture form to three fields (first name, last name, email) so they don’t bail. With their email address in hand, you will nurture the truly qualified leads.

5. Call to Action- All of the above should work together towards one goal – giving the visitors a reason to stick around long enough to get to know you. Maybe talk on the phone, or meet in person.

Not every visitor will be a perfect match. You want to make it as easy and compelling as possible for those who are.

Our next post: Nurturing those leads with strong, compelling offers.

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