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Telehealth for Mental Health: Employer-Sponsored Support

Posted by Ben Waxman and Stephanie DeFazio on Jun 25, 2020 5:30:00 PM

Providing employee mental health services and support via Telehealth has its challenges. Today, we take a closer look at Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and how they are adapting to meet employee needs during the pandemic when stressors are high and access to healthcare services might be limited. 

The goal: helping employers communicate comprehensive EAPs that support employee needs in comfortable and accessible ways. Done well, this work supports employee attraction and retention.

Community Care Employee Assistance Program reported in 2018 some very promising national statistics on the benefits of EAPs for employees, pointing to increased effectiveness and productivity, boosted morale, and stronger work life balance. In addition to these benefits, EAPs have decreased sick leave by 33%, work-related accidents by 65%, and grievances by 50%. Fortunately, given the current pandemic, EAPs offer just the types of support services where Telehealth connections (video, phone, chat) work really well.

We recently had a conversation with Nicole D'Uva, Director of Employee Health at Adventist HealthCare in Maryland to understand how the EAP she manages has adapted to meet the needs of Adventist employees. Read on to find out about the adjustments and improvements the health system has made to its EAP since COVID-19 disrupted the work environment. 

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Topics: Healthcare, Telehealth, Mental Health, digital divide, healthcare communications, access to healthcare, Employee Communications, EAP, Employee Assistance Program

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