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The New Cycle, Disrupted

Posted by Ben Waxman on Jan 15, 2019 2:16:00 PM
Ben Waxman

Our up to the minute, 24-hour news cycle has disrupted communications and our lives.

News videos that were shot and edited by professionals are being replaced with camera phone videos posted with no editing, filter or thought of what the impact may be.
In the rush to be first, accuracy often takes a backseat to immediacy.  Not only is there often no editing, but there is virtually no way to eliminate bad information once it has been unleashed online.

What does this mean to you as a business?

Be thoughtful of where and how you submit your news releases.

Newspapers (both print and online) remain a trusted source of business news with widespread access throughout most communities. While Linked-In is a good online business source, as is your company website, blog or Facebook page, the validation your news gets from being published by a recognized outlet has real value.

Timing really is everything.
If you are rolling out information that will elicit a response from consumers (comments, sharing, purchasing, etc.) be prepared to handle those interactions efficiently and effectively.

Don’t let your rush to be first compromise the accuracy and usefulness of your information.
You have some exciting news to share, and it would be so easy to tweet it out right now. But don’t click submit just yet. Read it, then re-read it again. You can’t un-release a sub-par announcement, so take the time to do it right the first time. And consider your call to action. Does the release prompt the action you desire from the reader?

Respond to comments.

The openness of the internet exposes you not only to supporters who share your enthusiasm, but also to trolls who spend their time finding creative ways to rip companies to shreds through the comments feature. To avoid having nasty comments take on a life of their own, always respond, and do so as quickly as possible. If the comments have any legitimacy, address them. If not, kill ‘em with wit and kindness, and you could likely win more supporters in the process.

Need guidance with all this stuff? We are here to guide you.

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