Adventist Healthcare

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Adventist Healthcare is a not-for-profit, Maryland-based healthcare system operating two hospitals and a range of other healthcare facilities and services in the metro-Washington, DC area.


Engage the community in supporting the construction of the DC area’s first major new healthcare facility to be built from the ground up in decades.

Adventist Healthcare Website



As the initial plans for the expansive White Oak project took shape and with the Certificate of Need in place, Tessellati captured the larger vision and opportunity to engage quiet phase major donors. Through interviews and other regional research, the messaging and collateral took shape in print and digital formats. We developed the campaign theme into a vibrant and fun website along with a full range of collateral including proposal templates. The themes, messaging and design elements adapted easily as the successful campaign moved into its public phase.


The community has stepped forward to help Adventist Healthcare achieve this vision for the region and beyond. To-date, more than 50% of the $20M fundraising goal has been raised as the construction site transforms and advances, all of which is visible via the campaign microsite.

Adventist Healthcare Website