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International Education Advantage, LLC (Intead) – a new global marketing agency serving the academic industry.


Develop a new brand and build a client base within a very slow-moving industry.

Quality. Cost. Convenience. How Academic Leaders Are Competing For Today’s “Non-traditional” Students Ebook

Academic Leaders


Tessellati leveraged content marketing techniques to disseminate a library of industry-changing market research via international conference presentations, social media campaigns and public relations.

This Non-Traditional Student Recruitment eBook demonstrates the value of the market research and content development we undertook to help Intead stand out as an  influential and knowledgeable leader in enrollment marketing. The Tessellati team collected the hard data and presented it in an accessible and informative design to help academic leaders understand and tap a growing student market segment. Intead built on its brand as an insightful academic marketing powerhouse.


By developing a prolific editorial calendar (content marketing) – including everything from periodic research papers to weekly blog posts and daily social media – we helped Intead build a loyal and engaged audience. (We might even call them a fan base). This “fandom” has earned Intead invitations to present regularly at leading global conferences focused on student recruitment and placement, which allows them to continue to promote their brand.

Leveraging the market research reports we have produced, Intead’s reputation as a valuable industry resource has been further enhanced thanks to our repeated PR placements in prestigious media outlets such as The New York Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, American Public Media’s MarketPlace and NBC News to name a few.

Our strategic content marketing guidance has solidified Intead’s brand as a well-respected industry thought leader frequently sought by global student recruiting leaders growing enrollment in academic institutions in the US and around the world.

Quality. Cost. Convenience. How Academic Leaders Are Competing For Today’s “Non-traditional” Students Ebook

Academic Leaders