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Growing agency seeks entrepreneurial freelance creative souls.

Tessellati, a creative agency in Salem, MA, is seeking a set of freelance creatives to share our dynamic and vibrant space. As we grow, we are looking for senior level talent with specific skill sets. We want to find talented, energized and forward-thinking consultants in the marketing communications field to share our space and collaborate on our projects when the scope of work is right.

Who is the right match for us?

You are a senior level freelance consultant with your own book of work/clients. You’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to interact/collaborate with other creative agency talent on a regular basis. You haven’t found the right office share or WeWork space. Perhaps you work in-house and are ready to strike out on your own.

Your senior level skills fit one of the following career areas:

  • Digital Analyst/Statistical Analysis – as applied to the marketing field
  • Google Analytics, social media, market research studies/surveys
  • Video Production – shooting, editing, producing (potential for small studio)
  • Graphic Design – print and digital work
  • Digital Marketing/Social Media Management – exactly that
  • Creative writer/copywriter
  • Your personal approach is a great fit for our office culture. This one’s really important.

What we offer:

  • Dedicated desk in our open floor plan
  • Use of conference rooms and private meeting spaces, WiFi, printers, whiteboards, projector/tv, AC, kitchen, living room, storage space
  • Downtown Salem location, 2 blocks from train station
  • A great group of people to get creative with
  • Potential to become specialized freelance talent on some of our projects
  • Nearly no fee to you because we are looking forward to adding your talent to our space

A bit more about us:

Our boutique agency has a large footprint managing virtual teams in China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Canada and across the US. The majority of our communications work serves clients in academia and healthcare. We use technology strategically and stay on top of emerging media options to collaborate internally and disseminate content for ourselves and clients. In planning our campaigns, we rely heavily on the analytic capabilities digital marketing offers. We engage in thought leadership/content marketing and traditional marketing (print/direct mail) as well. We love everything from conceptualizing, researching, planning to executing. You should too!

Tell us why this is a good idea for you at this stage of your freelance/consulting career.

Hop on over to our Contact Us page and drop us a line!